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During a MOT Test all vehicles are
assessed for corrosion.
Corrosion that is either in a prescribed
area, IE. Seat Belt Mountings, Brake
System Mounting Points, Steering
Mounting Points or as part of the  Body
Structure will need to be repaired by
a continuous MIG Weld.
In the case of Body Sills it is often better to replace the sill than to repair it with a patch which,
although is a satisfactory repair for MOT purposes, will not prolong the life of the vehicle
beyond what is expected. Sill replacement is usually the best method of repair in this case
as was the case in the picture to the right. The original sill had been repaired with patches
on numerous occasions and eventually the corrosion resurfaced and sill replacement
was the only way to fully rectify this problem.
On other areas of the vehicle it is usually sufficient to repair the corrosion with a patch of
metal which must be continuously welded
ABC Autos has a specialist welder capable of repairing all types of corrosion to your
vehicle. Just call us on 01702 469666 or use the Contact Us form to enquire about this
specialist service.